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Are Blood Transfusions Really Safe?

Ever wondered about blood transfusions?  At some point in life we may need surgery that requires us to need donated blood.  This is a little research that I have conducted in order to find out if they really are safe.

In 1982, the first cases of HIV were reported in the United States.  It was then linked to being the cause of AIDS.  AIDS was first called GRID because it was thought that only gay men could contract the disease.  Researchers soon learned that HIV could be also be contracted through heterosexual contact, intravenous drug use, and blood transfusions.  After using contaminated blood all over the United States, several cases of HIV cases were reported due to blood transfusions.  Today, more advanced technology allows facilities to test the blood for any diseases including HIV.  Although HIV still remains a national problem, the virus is rarely contracted through blood transfusions.

My Blood Transfusion Research Safety Paper

1 in 20 Americans will require a blood transfusion at some point in their lives
About 12 million units of blood are transfused annually
Every three seconds someone needs blood
People older than 65 use 43% of all donated blood

Region of the U.S
Risk Ratio
1 in 150,000
Highest Risk
1 in 280,000 
Average Risk
1 in 340,000


1 in 660,000



1 in 1,100,000

Lowest Risk

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